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NORMANS Ambassadors

Jordan Santos

Current Occupation: Professional Beach Soccer Player

"It suits me perfectly, and the material is of high quality, very beautiful."


Abtine Monavvari

Current Occupation: Co-Founder & CPO (Payment Tech)

"Having clothes that are able to move with something that I value quite a bit."


Ziv Deutsch

Current Occupation: Senior Director (FinTech)

"What does change my life is.....thinking the work I do.....matters, and how meaningful it is to me."


Scott Mitchell

Current Occupation: Management Consultant 

"It is really important to be open-minded, willing to be challenged, be willing to fail, and learn from those experiences."


Maokai Shen 

Current Occupation: Lead Financial Analyst 

"Meeting new people for the first time when you are in a new city and a new country, that was a really great experience, and I have been hooked ever since."


Altair Ioffe

Current Occupation: Product Manager 

 "You just have to see how things pan out sometimes, because you can't always remove all the risks."